牛津深圳版英语八年级上Unit 5 Educational exchanges单元检测试卷(含解析)


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    牛津深圳版英语八年级上Unit 5 Educational exchanges单元检测试卷(含解析)


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    牛津深圳版英语八年级上Unit 5 Educational exchanges单元检测试卷(含解析)

    Unit 5 Educational exchanges 每课一练1(牛津深圳版八年级上册)

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    2013-2014深圳市初中英语八年级上Unit5 Educational exchanges单






    ( A. passenger B. customer C. owner D. player

    ( A. visitors B. drivers C. doctors D. speakers

    ( A. look B. push C. go D. travel

    ( A. talked something about B. took care of C. taught D. provided

    ( A. agree to B. be careful about C. not care about D. tidy up



    ( ) 6. The government (政府) in this place has spent a lot of money on _____ schools.

    A. local B. elder C. rich D. cheerful

    ( ) 7. --- Your speech was wonderful! Didn't you feel nervous?

    --- Yes, I was a little nervous _____, but I felt relaxed a few minutes later.

    A. at last B. at the same time C. at first D. at the moment

    ( ) 8. --- How many kinds of languages have you learned?

    --- I have learned four different languages ______.

    A. so long B. so fast C. so far D. so often

    ( ) 9. --- Will we be late for English class this morning?

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    --- Don’t _____ it. We have an hour more.

    A. for after B. worry about C. look after D. take in

    ( ) 10. Mike, don't shout at people so loudly! You should learn to be friendly _____ others.

    A. for B. to C. on D. about

    ( ) 11. --- What do you think of the party last night?

    --- It's _____. Everyone had a good time.

    A. fantastic B. nervous C. dark D. strict

    ( ) 12. In Chinese _____, children should respect their parents.

    A. culture B. information C. centre D. power

    ( ) 13. I traveled to London last year and it was a wonderful _____ for me.

    A. dream B. report C. experience D. interview

    ( ) 14. There are many educational _____ between China and other countries.

    A. facts B. experiments C. members D. exchanges

    ( ) 15. --- How clean the bedroom is! --- Yes. I think someone must _____ it.

    A. cleans B. cleaned C. have cleaned D. has cleaned

    ( ) 16. --- Have you had your breakfast, Nick? --- Yes, I have had it _____.

    A. yet B. ever C. never D. already

    ( ) 17. My pen-friend in America invited me to _____ his country.

    A. come over to B. say goodbye to C. keep in touch with D. look forward to

    ( ) 18. --- Tom, let's go to play basketball. --- Give me two more minutes. I have _____ homework to finish.

    A. lot of B. a few of C. a bit of D. few of

    ( ) 19. Mike _____ the USA. He _____ back in two months.

    A. has gone to; comes B. has gone to; will be

    C. have been to; comes D. have been to; will be

    ( ) 20. --- _____? --- Fantastic. I plan to go there again.

    A. What have you done in London B. How about your trip to London

    C. Why do you like your trip to London D. How long have you stayed in London II. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

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    We saw a film named The Ancient Olympic Games last Saturday. It tells us something about the Olympic Games. The first Olympic Game was __21___ thousands of years ago in Greece. But it __22___ lasted for one day. At that time, people believed in __23___ very much. In order to show respect to God, people prayed (祈祷) to God in the morning and ___24__ the games in the(转载于:www.zaIdian.cOM 在点 网:牛津深圳版英语八年级上Unit 5 Educational exchanges单元检测试卷(含解析)) afternoon.

    But there was a __25__— married women didn't have the right to take part in or even __26__ the games. If they broke the rule, they would be punished (被惩罚). One day, a __27__ wanted to watch the games, __28__ her son took part in the competition of running. She made herself __29__ like a soldier so that she could watch the game. At last, her son won the game. The woman was very __30__. She ran to his son and forgot the rule. So she was found and punished.

    ( ) 21. A. taken B. held C. said D. caught

    ( ) 22. A. never B. soon C. already D. only

    ( ) 23. A. farmer B. player C. God D. teacher

    ( ) 24. A. started B. brought C. set D. put

    ( ) 25. A. rule B. lesson C. method D. way

    ( ) 26. A. hear B. look C. watch D. see

    ( ) 27. A. mother B. father C. sister D. daughter

    ( ) 28. A. so B. because C. but D. however

    ( ) 29. A. feel B. smell C. look D. hear

    ( ) 30. A. sad B. excited C. tired D. nervous Ⅲ. 阅读理解。(每小题1分,共 20分)



    Susan was a quiet girl and she had few friends. She was a bit nervous when she went to high school, because she was going to live with someone she didn't know in a town 300 miles away from home. She had no idea how to make friends in the new environment.

    However, things were not bad in Susan's high school life. In her first English class, the teacher asked all the students to talk about themselves. And the final question for each student was

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    "What is your goal (目标) in this class?" Most of the students said it was to get good grades, pass the exams or something like that, but Susan said that her goal was to make just one good friend. It was quit different.

    When most of the students sat quietly, one student came to Susan. He held out (伸出) his hand and introduced himself. He asked if she would be his friend. All of the students looked at Susan. She smiled and took his hand. Later, the boy became Susan's best friend.

    That day, Susan learned the power of asking for what she wanted, being honest and taking action.

    ( ) 31. Susan felt a little ______ when she went to high school.

    A. nervous B. excited C. happy D. sad

    ( ) 32. How far was it from her school to her home?

    A. 30 miles. B. 300 miles. C. 30 meters. D. 300 meters.

    ( ) 33. In the first English class, what did the teacher ask the students to do?

    A. Make friends. B. Take an exam. C. Talk about themselves. D. Read books.

    ( ) 34. What did Susan want to do in that English class?

    A. Get food grades. B. Pass the exam. C. Make just one good friend. D. Make a lot of friends.

    ( ) 35. Which of the following is TRUE?

    A. Susan had many friends before she went to high school.

    B. Susan had a plan to make more friends in high school.

    C. Susan hadn't made new friends in that class.

    D. Susan had learned the power of asking for what she wanted since that class.


    Here is something about an American high school and its students.

    An American high school has a few large buildings and it's big enough for about l,500 students. Each student has a locker (储物柜) in the classroom. When they are at school, they get their textbooks and outdoor clothes out. Because American textbooks are expensive, the school libraries

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    American students usually take a yellow school bus to school. Sometimes their parents drive them to school. When they are 16, most of them take a free driving class at school. Then they can drive by themselves to school.

    Each day, students must take science, math and English classes. They can also choose (选择) art, fashion and other classes. They usually go to different classrooms for one subject because the teachers have their own classrooms.

    The school day usually ends early in the afternoon. After school, more than half of the students take after-school activities such as sports and some school clubs.

    ( ) 36. Where is the locker of a student?

    A. In his / her home. B. In his / her classroom.

    C. In his / her bedroom. D. In the school library.

    ( ) 37. What color is the school bus in America?

    A. Yellow. B. Red. C. White. D. Blue.

    ( ) 38. What does the underlined word "loan" mean in English?

    A. Buy. B. Push. C. Follow. D. Lend.

    ( ) 39. Which of the following is TRUE about American high school students?

    A. They have all the classes in the same classroom.

    B. Students must pay for textbooks if they lose them.

    C. A small number of them love after-school activities.

    D. All of them take a school bus to school every day.

    ( ) 40. The passage mainly talks about ______.

    A. an American high school B. school clubs

    C. a class activity D. education in America


    My name is Aram, I was born in Egypt and brought up by my grandparents in Italy. Before I came to the United States, I was very excited. I have dreamed of the life in the US for a long time. But I was also a little worried. Will I be welcomed by my classmates in the US? Can I make many friends there?

    When I first came here, the US culture made me open my mind to learn about it. I have

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